How to Get Rid of Armadillos?

Are you tired of dealing with armadillos wreaking havoc in your yard? If you’re wondering how to Get Rid of Armadillos once and for all, you’ve come to the right place. Armadillos are known for their destructive digging habits and can be a nuisance to homeowners. In this blog post, we will explore various methods to effectively get rid of armadillos and prevent them from returning to your property.

What are Armadillos?

Armadillos are distinctive creatures, primarily known for their unique armored appearance which provides them protection from predators. Belonging to the family Dasypodidae, these mammals are equipped with sharp claws for digging in search of their preferred diet of insects and larvae. Their penchant for burrowing is not only a means of finding food but also for creating shelters, known as armadillo burrows. Originating from the Americas, armadillos have a diverse habitat range, from grasslands to rainforests, showcasing their adaptability. However, their digging habits often lead to conflicts with humans, especially when they venture into residential areas.

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6 Ways to Get Rid of Armadillos in Your Yard

The problem of armadillos cannot be solved in a single way. Still, these six strategies have shown to be more effective than others in stopping an armadillo invasion.

  1. Eliminate Their Food Source

Eliminating the food source is a key strategy in deterring armadillos from your yard. Focus on reducing the population of insects, grubs, and worms that armadillos feast on. Consider applying environmentally friendly pesticides or introducing beneficial nematodes to target these pests naturally. Aerating your lawn can also disrupt the soil, making it less attractive for insects and, consequently, armadillos. By addressing the root of the problem their food supply you make your property less appealing, encouraging armadillos to look elsewhere for sustenance. This approach works best when used in conjunction with the previously listed deterrent tactics.

  1. Get Rid of Potential Hiding Places

Armadillos are attracted to yards that provide shelter and darkness for hiding. To make your property less inviting, clear away brush, woodpiles, and any debris where armadillos could find refuge. Keep your grass trimmed short and remove thick vegetation that could serve as a cozy hideout for these creatures. By minimizing clutter and potential shelters in your yard, you limit the spaces available for armadillos to hide and rest, making your property less appealing to them.

Rid of Armadillos

  1. Install in-Ground Fencing

One effective method to deter armadillos from entering your property is by installing in-ground fencing. To be successful, the fence must extend into the ground at least 18 inches, as armadillos are capable diggers. Using sturdy materials like hardware cloth or a solid metal barrier can prevent them from burrowing underneath. Additionally, the fence should slightly tilt outward at the top to discourage climbing. This physical barrier not only blocks armadillos from accessing your yard but also deters other digging pests. The fence may be checked frequently to make sure it stays strong and functional throughout time.

  1. Install Electric Fencing

For a more assertive approach, electric fencing can offer an effective solution against armadillos. Position the electric fence close to the ground to target the armadillo’s entry point. It requires only a mild electric shock to deter armadillos without causing them harm, teaching them to avoid your property. Ensure the electric charge is safe for use in residential areas and check local regulations before installation. Electric fencing can be used in conjunction with other methods, such as in-ground fencing, for enhanced protection against these determined diggers.

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  1. Consider Live Trapping

Live trapping presents a humane way to remove armadillos from your property. Using a baited trap designed for armadillos, place it near their burrows or along a path they frequently use. Effective baits include fruits, earthworms, or mealworms. Once trapped, relocate the armadillo to a suitable habitat far from residential areas, following local wildlife regulations. It’s important to regularly check the traps to avoid causing distress to the animal. This method requires patience and may need to be combined with other deterrent strategies for the best results.

  1. Employ Regular Pest Control

Regular pest control is essential in keeping armadillos away from your property. A consistent pest management program helps reduce the populations of insects and larvae that serve as the primary food source for armadillos. Work with a professional pest control service to apply treatments that target the pests specific to your area without negatively impacting your garden’s ecosystem. This approach not only deters armadillos but also benefits your yard’s overall health by keeping pest populations under control. Scheduling regular inspections and treatments can preemptively address potential pest infestations, making your property less inviting to armadillos and other wildlife looking for food.

Rid of Armadillos

Signs You Have an Armadillo Problem

Identifying armadillo presence can be straightforward if you know what to look for. Key indicators include distinct holes or burrows around your yard, often near foundations or in well-drained areas. You may also spot overturned soil or uprooted plants, evidence of their search for food. Unusual pathways cleared through underbrush or grass can signal their regular travel routes. These signs are clear indications of armadillo activity and suggest it’s time to implement control measures.

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What Attracts Armadillos to Your Yard?

Armadillos gravitate towards environments rich in their primary food sources, such as insects, grubs, and worms, making well-maintained lawns and gardens prime targets. Additionally, they seek out areas that offer ample cover for hiding and nesting, including dense underbrush, piles of debris, and thick vegetation. Properties with soft, easily diggable soil also attract these creatures, as it facilitates their burrowing and feeding activities. Ensuring your outdoor spaces do not cater to these preferences can help in mitigating armadillo visits.


Successfully managing armadillo invasions requires a multifaceted approach, integrating various strategies to create an unwelcoming environment for these burrowers. From altering their food supply and eliminating shelters to implementing effective barriers like in-ground and electric fencing, each method plays a crucial role in armadillo deterrence. Engaging in live trapping and maintaining a regular pest control routine further enhances your efforts, ensuring armadillos find your property less appealing. By adopting these practices, you can achieve a balanced and armadillo-free outdoor space, safeguarding your yard from the disruptions caused by these creatures.

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