What is the Zip Code for the batavian Ohio?

Batavia is a small village located in Clermont County, Ohio, United States. It is home to the Batavia Local School District, a few small businesses, and several parks. Many people often search for the zip code of Batavia, Ohio, for various reasons, such as sending mail, applying for jobs, or finding the location on a map. In this blog, we will discuss in-depth the zip code of the batavian, Ohio, and provide additional information about the town.

The Zip Code for Batavia Ohio

The zip code for batavian, Ohio, is 45103. This zip code covers the village of Batavia and parts of Stonelick Township and Union Township in Clermont County. The United States Postal Service (USPS) uses zip codes to sort and deliver mail more efficiently.

Each zip code corresponds to a specific geographic location, which makes it easier for USPS to route mail to the correct destination. Additionally, many online applications and forms require a zip code, so it is essential to know the zip code for Batavia, Ohio, if you live or work in the area.

History of the batavian, Ohio

Batavia was founded in 1814 and named after the Batavia, New York. It was originally the county seat of Clermont County until it was moved to nearby Batavia Township in 1824. In the early 1900s, Batavia became a center for agriculture and manufacturing. Today, it is a quiet village with a population of around 1,500 residents. Batavia is located about 25 miles east of Cincinnati and is considered part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

Living in Batavia, Ohio

Batavia offers residents a suburban rural mix feel, with many parks and outdoor activities available. The cost of living in the batavian is lower than the national average, making it an attractive location for families and retirees. The median home value in Batavia is around $170,000, and the median household income is approximately $55,000. The Batavia Local School District serves the area and includes several elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district has received high ratings for its academics and extracurricular activities.

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Things to do in Batavia, Ohio

While Batavia may be a small village, it offers several attractions and things to do. The Batavia Township Park is a 42-acre park with several amenities, including baseball fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas. The Williamsburg/batavian Bike Trail is a popular destination for cyclists and hikers and offers scenic views of the Little Miami River.

For history buffs, the Clermont County Historical Society Museum is located in Batavia and features exhibits on local history and culture. Additionally, several restaurants and shops are located in the village, including the Batavia Farmers Market, which sells fresh produce and homemade goods.

Culture and Attractions in Batavia, Ohio

Batavia, Ohio, is home to many historic landmarks and attractions. One of the village’s most notable landmarks is the Batavia Presbyterian Church, built in 1833, making it one of the oldest churches in the village. It is located on the village square and is a popular destination for both visitors and locals alike. Another landmark in Batavia is the Clermont County Courthouse, constructed in 1918.

The courthouse is a prominent building in the village and houses the Clermont County Court of Common Pleas. The courthouse is still in use today and is one of the most visited sites in Batavia. The Batavia Cemetery is another historic site in the village, established in the early 19th century. Many of Batavia’s early settlers and prominent citizens are buried in the cemetery, and visitors often pay their respects to the village’s past residents.


The zip code for batavian, Ohio, is 45103. Knowing the zip code for Batavia, Ohio, is essential for sending mail or filling out online applications. The zip code for Batavia, Ohio, is 45103, covering the village of Batavia and parts of Stonelick Township and Union Township in Clermont County. Additionally, the batavian is a small village with a rich history, offering residents a suburban rural mix feel and plenty of things to do. The Batavian Farmers Market, Clermont County Historical Society Museum, and Batavia Township Park are just a few of the attractions that residents and visitors can enjoy.

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